Universitas Mercu Buana

Universitas Mercu Buana

Vision And Mission


To become an excellent and leading university in Indonesia educating professional workforce who are ready to meet expectations of both industries and the community in the global competition by 2024


  1. Administering education, research and community services, creating and implementing academic excellence to educate professional workforce to meet the expected professional standards;
  2. Executing an effective and efficient higher education management, through work development networks, cooperation with industries and sustainable partnerships with national and international institutions;
  3. Developing the competencies of students and teaching staff while nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit and professional ethics as a means of improving the quality of life.

Culture of Universitas Mercu Buana

  • Honesty Namely the harmony between words and actions in accordance with applicable regulations. For lecturers not doing plagiarism and for students not cheating during exams.
  • Dicipline Namely compliance to respect and implement the provisions in force. For lecturers and students in the form of not being late in carrying out lectures.
  • Responsibility In the form of awareness and willingness to do and bear the risk of work. For lecturers carrying out tridharma related to the performance of lecturers and for students collecting assignments on time.
  • Creativity That is, the belief and continuous will to improve performance. For lecturers and students always trying to find new ways.
  • Local Wisdom That is to include local culture in completing tasks, responsibilities, and communicating. For lecturers and students dressed in batik according to the specified time and conduct research according to local excellence.
  • Environment Friendlines Namely awareness and the role of protecting the environment, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of energy use. For lecturers and students in the form of orderly disposing of garbage, green campus and saving electricity and office stationery.