Universitas Mercu Buana

Universitas Mercu Buana

Campus Facilities

Universitas Mercu Buana currently has 4 campuses located in four areas:
1) Meruya Campus - West Jakarta

2) Menteng Campus - Central Jakarta

3) Warung Buncit Campus - South Jakarta

Offices for Board of Management and Lecturers

Offices for board of management (Rector, Vice Rector, Director, Dean, Vice Dean, Head of Bureau/Centre, Head and Secretary of Department) are provided in the Rectorate and School building, equipped with various required facilities.

Offices for Supporting Staff

Offices for supporting staff is provided and designed based on working units in Universitas Mercu Buana, such as: Building and Facilities Management Bureau, Finance Administration Bureau, Learning Administration Bureau, Students Administration Bureau, Library Bureau, Learning Operations Bureau, Teaching Materials, E-Learning and University Competency Courses Bureau, Information System Development Bureau, and administration office for school/department.

Waiting Room for Lecturers

Waiting room for lecturers is provided in each school/faculty and in the office of Learning Operations Bureau for the part time lecturers, which can be used for taking break before and after teaching. This room is also used for discussions and consultation with students.

Administration Service Counter

Administration service counter is provided for students in Building and Facilities Management Bureau, Finance Administration Bureau, Learning Administration Bureau, and each school / department. Moreover, Bank Bukopin service is also available on Saturdays in Meruya Campus.


Classrooms and laboratories are spread in three campuses of Universitas Mercu Buana.

Teaching and Learning Supporting Tools

To support teaching and learning activities, each classroom is equipped with a computer, a speaker, an LCD projector, a white board and Wi-Fi connection.

Radio Studio

Students Activities Unit of Mercu Buana Radio is under the Directorate of Students Affairs. It provides rooms for students to develop their creativity and soft skill in public speaking for radio broadcasting. Students from all schools are able to join radio activity unit. Streaming:

TV Studio

There are 3 TV studios, 1 big studio with 12 x 20 meters size and 2 small studios with 10 x 12 meters size.

Room for Internet Network Centre

Located in B building on the 1st floor, this room is the controlling centre for intranet and internet information system integrated with all units in Universitas Mercu Buana.


To develop teaching and learning quality, Universitas Mercu Buana provides laboratories, which can also be used for community services. The available laboratories are:

The Main Computer Laboratories

Located on basement floor of Tower building with the total of 7 rooms and 259 units of computer.

School of Engineering

  • Civil Laboratories:
    • Soil Mechanics Laboratory,
    • Materials Laboratory,
    • Computer Laboratory,
    • Hydrotechnical Laboratory
  • Industrial Laboratories:
    • Production Laboratory,
    • Computer Laboratory,
    • Physics Laboratory,
    • Ergonomics Laboratory,
    • Supply Chain Management Laboratory,
    • Work Planning Analysis Laboratory,
    • Statistics Laboratory,
    • System Modeling Laboratory,
    • Industrial Information System Planning Laboratory
  • Architecture Laboratory:
    • Building Technology Laboratory,
    • Architectural Design Theory Laboratory,
    • Residence & City Laboratory
  • Mechanical Laboratory:
    • Production Laboratory,
    • Computer Laboratory,
    • Renewable Energy & Control Laboratory,
    • Materials Laboratory,
    • Energy & Cinematics Conversion Laboratory
  • Electrical Laboratory:
    • PLC Laboratory,
    • Computer Laboratory,
    • Basic Electronical Laboratory,
    • Basic Electrical Laboratory

School of Computer Sciences

  • Multimedia Research Laboratory,
  • Image Processing Research Laboratory,
  • System Engineering Research Laboratory,
  • Application and Database Technology Laboratory,
  • E-Commerce Laboratory,
  • Infrastructure and Computer Network Research Laboratory,
  • Resource Sharing Laboratory

School of Arts and Creative Design

  • Audio Visual Laboratory,
  • Photography Laboratory,
  • Filter Printing Laboratory,
  • Mac Laboratory,
  • Fashion Laboratory,
  • Wood Laboratory,
  • Modeling Laboratory

School of Economics and Business

  • Statistics Laboratory,
  • Computer Laboratory,
  • Multimedia Laboratory

School of Communication Sciences

  • Audio Visual Laboratory,
  • Mac Laboratory,
  • Public Relations Laboratory,
  • Photography Laboratory,
  • Editing and Dubbing Laboratory,
  • Logistics and Inventory Laboratory

School of Psychology

  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology Laboratory,
  • Counseling Laboratory, and
  • Psychodiagnostic Laboratory